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Biodynamic Agroforestry Day | April 6 | Mooloo (RSO HQ)

Biodynamic Agroforestry Day | April 6 | Mooloo (RSO HQ)

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This event is based on Agroforestry, using syntropic principles, no-till principles and natural farming / permaculture frameworks as design tools.

This is a hands-on course where we will open up the understanding and discussions of tree row design, to suit your personal farm context. To open up the idea of "free choice mineral feeding" Through tree row fodder design. And to dive deep into ecology & biology of such systems.

This is a practical course with minimal theory. Based at the RSO demonstration farm, where you can see multiple different tree systems and floor coverings in play. Then we will design and plant our multi-strata Syntropic hybrid system. Using tube stocks, and multi species seeds, cuttings, divisions, banana pups, veg and herb seeds, as we harvest from our research & Agroforestry gardens. We will work together as a group to understand the dynamic and principles as we put together/plant out a 20m row using the resources around us.

The overlay of this day course will be focused on,

Speeding up biological loading for a faster conversion to, or an enhancement of biological farming systems.
Deeping our knowledge on the Earths systems from biodynamic perspective of an interconnected living Earth.
Deepen understanding & connection to the tree's sentient nature, and its relationship with deep fungal networks, mineral fertilizing, root exchange, pumping Astrality and fostering both pasture & animal health.

The name of the day is FERMENTATION.

Fermentation of the soil we plant into.
Fermentation of the tree row as a unit.
Fermentation of the farmers ideas.

The aim of the day is MOBILIZATION.

To mobilize you, the farmer with knowledge and practical skills to implement your own systems utilizing on-farm resources, on farm infrastructure, equipment & livestock.
Mobilizing knowledge to reduce workload and eliminate future maintenance.

Tea, coffee, morning tea provided BYO LUNCH

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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