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"The Mother" is the master pile of each compost batch we produce here at Red Soil Organics. It's a bit like an ancient Scoby for Kombucha. And currently is the most biologically advanced, high impact inoculant product we produce!

In a nutshell this product will enhance any plant with the ultimate results.

This pile has been going for about 3 years now, we re-ferment it every 12 weeks, and cycle the chickens across it, to stimulate living interaction. The original pile location was where we made our BD preps for a couple of years prior.

We incorporated the last of our CPP, Bulk Synergy prep, BD500 and the last of our compost preps 502-507 which was a crazy amount of preps! It's had so much diversity of organic matter over its life. So we have encapsulated all of our creations into this one fermentation pile, a living form of storage.

We have the pile close to our home, in a high traffic zone, it gets monitored every day and observed, interacted with and nourished & is currently sitting above a couple acres of food forest, drawing in energy, beneficial fungi and bacteria from the rich ecosystem.

This one pack is designed to replace every "biological product" you can get on the market. It's a living form of biology, that has its habitat sold with it. Unlike plastic bottles with biology fused into water (which goes anerobic) this is a version you can store and use at any time for foliar spraying, soil drenching, seed inoculating, compost inoculating and general stress buffering.


In a stainless steel or galvanized pail, bring 10L of rain/spring water to just over luke warm.

Stir in one large palmful of "the mother"

Add 1Tbs of raw honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar.

Add 1/4 cup of fruit juice

Still vigorously for 5 minutes and let sit overnight, until you see a froth forming on the top of the liquid.

Agitate once more, then strain into your watering can or sprayer.

If soil drenching just use the 10L pail to flood the ground in your garden, or underneath your fruit trees.

No set square meterage, use as little or as much as 10L of water will take you.


WINTER - You will have to keep the brew warm overnight, and it may take a little longer in winter, for us we keep it sitting by the fire, but you could keep it near any heat source, or buy an aquarium water heater to keep the temp stable.

This mix can be further enhanced by adding kelp and fish hydrolysate at the beginning of the process, but not necessary (1tsp kelp, 60ml of fish). !If you add it at the start you will have to watch it more closely and make sure you don't go over 12 hours. Can also be added to the final fermented liquid if you want to play it safe, the biology will utilize it as extra food from that point.

COMPOST - 0-15 Cubic Meter

For a strong, highly active inoculation on a pile, set aside 4 palmfuls of The Mother. Ferment 2 palmfuls, with the above recipe to use as you are layering your compost, or mixing your compost pile in the beginning.

mix the rest of the package into your compost piles, as you construct the pile.

The last 2 palmfuls should be fermented and used on the last turn of your pile, before you set it to rest.


Bring a 200L drum up to heat via a fire underneath, dissolve the full contents into the water, add 2L of fruit juice & 200gm of raw organic sugar.

Stir in a vortex method for 10 minutes to start your fermentation, keep some nice coals underneath to keep the temperature for as long as possible through the night. Place a hay bale on top to keep it insulated and breathing.

Check the brew in the morning, wait until froth point, give it another 10 minute stir, leave for 2 hours and your brew is ready to be applied via your favourite sprayer, or broadcast with a brush or a bucket. Set the sprayer so you have large droplet rather than a mist.

For Foliar/ orchards simply set to mist and carry out duties as normal.

1 pack to 1Ha


Store in a cool dark, humid place, such as the bathroom cupboard.

Store with the seal 1/4 cracked open

If you cant store in the bathroom, then keep an eye on moisture levels, and give it very small amounts of water when it dries up over time. If kept moist, can stay viable for 6 months.

Happy gardening :)

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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