South India Trip 2018

South India Trip 2018

It was a great honour to be able to guest lecturer at this Biodynamic (BD) school in South India.

kane lecturing at the biodynamic school

The region this village and BD farm school is situated is referred to as "wastelands".
My teacher below has done a lot of the original regeneration on this desert and pioneered the vegetation and waterways back to health.

Kane standing next to his biodynamics teacher in Southern India. They are standing behind a preparation site where they are preparing cow horns for biodynamic use. They are in front of a small group of 7 people


Kane and his teacher standing next to a cow horn biodynamic site. The site is square, and made of red brick with a deep hole in the centre. There is a man facing away from the camera in the foreground. There are two people on the right


lush green landscape
lush green landscape

We ran some trial plots around the farm with great results.

a group of 7 people standing around a bucket, the bucket contains a water activation of a biodynamic preparation. One person is stirring it with a stick


A group of 15 people sitting in a circle on mats on the ground, tentatively listening to Kane's lecture
Kane tending to farmland plants

Luxurious green growth, full fruit set, minimal need for water and great health of the plants.

kane tending to a healthy crop
a man proudly with his plants
healthy and happy chilli plant. the chillies are green

We gathered various materials around the village and from the farm.

kane and 3 other men helping wheelbarrow supplies


Utilised the CPP (Cow Pat Pit) made on site and BD preps.

preparing the cow horns for the cow pat pit


biodynamic prep


kane at a table teaching people how to prepare biodynamic prep


Made some Biodynamic microbe brews.

man playing guitar while biodynamic microbial solution is prepared


making biodynamic microbial brews for the farm


Harvested fodder trees, burn piles and weeds and utilised these strategically for the crops.





The result was truely profound and has shown quite clearly that through these combination of practices, that even the most degraded lands can be regenerated and easily provide nourishment for us and the local markets.

I have designed a Biodynamic Agroforestry system based on the local vegetation and lifestyle needs, that provides fodder, fruits, vegetables, timber & income whilst regenerating the soil.  And have been invited to spend 6 months implementing the system for the school. In the coming years I will venture over and take the task with open hands!



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