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Biodynamic Composting and Soil Cultivation Services

Biodynamic compost is a type of compost that is made using specific biodynamic methods to help increase the fertility of soil. It involves the use of special preparations and techniques such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and the use of manures and other natural sources of fertility. The result is a rich and nutrient-dense soil that provides the perfect environment for plants to thrive.

Biodynamic preparations are specific plant, mineral, or animal-based preparations that are used to enhance the soil's health and vitality. They are used in conjunction with biodynamic farming practices, and they help to improve the overall quality of the soil, which in turn leads to healthier plants and better yields.


Agroforestry & Food Forest Installations

We help farmers design and build self-sufficient farms that are sustainable, resilient, and productive. We believe in creating farming systems that are in harmony with nature and that help to regenerate the soil, rather than deplete it.

Regenerative farming is a type of farming that aims to restore the health and vitality of the soil, and create a sustainable and self-sufficient farming system. We work with landowners to design and implement regenerative farming systems that are tailored to their specific needs and goals.

These are all techniques that help to manage water on the farm, prevent erosion, and create habitats for wildlife. By working with our farmers, landowners can create a more sustainable and resilient farming system that benefits both farmers and the environment. 

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