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Biodynamic Compost BOOSTER, For DIY teas & DIY Compost

Biodynamic Compost BOOSTER, For DIY teas & DIY Compost

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Compost BOOSTER is the solution to all your composting problems!! Compost BOOSTER will drastically reduce odors in your bins & tumblers, while speeding up decomposition, and increasing quality. Compost booster can also be used as a high quality brewing compost, for making up your own DIY compost teas & Extracts. 1x pack can make up to 200L of teas&extracts.


  • Preparation 500,502,503,504,505,506,507

  • Rich Load Of Proprietary Bio stimulants

  • Morpheus 2.0 Thermophillic Microbes

  • Biodynamic FBE

  • Post Fungal Innoculation
    Bio char, Rock Phosphate, Palagonite(fermented into the original batch windrows)

These intensive fermentations produce the necessary stages of life, from anerobic bacteria to nitrogen fixers, phosphorus solubilizers and fungi catalysts. The life necessary to kickstart any compost pile, whether that's a commercial style windrow, or a bay & bin system in your back yard. Harness the power of Organic Agricultural grade compost inoculants in your own backyard!


  • Drastically reduce composting time

  • Open up better availability to nutrients

  • Create more biologically rich end compost

  • Reduce odors or sour fermentation

  • Digest citrus peels, meat scraps, bio plastics and other aggressive materials quicker

  • Speed up Humus conversion

  • Retain more Nitrogen, and other essential elements in the breakdown


  1. Keep on your kitchen bench and add a table spoon each time you add scraps to your container.

  2. 2. Sprinkle a small palmful in to your bays, bins, or tumbler everytime you add scraps.

  3. Sprinkle throughout all your compost material as you build the pile, or pre-soak your hay in this mixture.

  4. Extra boost -put a palmful into a watering can and water your compost bays from the top every 2-4 weeks to speed up the process.

    Can you use this for green manure breakdown? - Yes you can use this to speed up green manure and covercrop digestion in your gardens or paddocks. Spray your covercrops before, or just after you mow them down for accelerated breakdown.

    Extracts&teas - use as you would regular compost for tea brewing. 1x CB pack is good for 200L worth of liquid for brewing.

DIY extract tutorial -

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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