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Biodynamic Fermented Mulch (fertilizer mulch) 2.0

Biodynamic Fermented Mulch (fertilizer mulch) 2.0

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A rich but passive WEED SEED FREE blend packed full of nutrients, BD preps 500-508, BD Mother, compost starter, fermented Morpheus and fermented Trifecta extract. Designed to allow good airflow and moisture penetration, suppress weeds, feed the fungi and also give a quick release boost of essentials, whist a long-term feed of carbon ensures good habitat for beneficial fungi, and a long-term production mulch that gets you multiple grow outs. The best part about this mulch is it's easy to move around, fertile and mimics natural soil tilth, all the best parts about bare soil (good seed contact, easy to take and plant into) but in a mulch!

For enhancing all aspects of soil health & fertility.

To be used as a mulch, in any circumstance where you would use hay/sugarcane, or woodchip.

• Food forests

• No-till Market gardens

• Swales & contours

• Kitchen gardens

• Orchards

• Bush regen

• Viticulture

• Ginger / Tumeric / Potatoes / Garlic / Cash Cropping

KITCHEN GARDEN & MARKET GARDEN - Clean prepare your beds, ( if cultivating in green manures then wait 2 weeks before following the next step) add Morpheus at 1L per m2(work in), lay out 75-100mm thick, give it a deep water, wait 2 days and plant seeds or seedlings straight into it.

ORCHARDS and FOOD FORESTS, mulch a ring around the drip line up to 50mm thick and hay/woodchip over the top ( go with 100mm if you don't want to mulch over top)

If you are going to plant a new tree, or row, then post cultivation follow the ring approach at 100mm thick.

SYNTROPIC - Use in the center line, bottom of the V at 50mm thick for high density, plant muvuca seed bombs after 1 day rest on the soil from application.

There are so many more ways and uses! We will put up a video when we can covering this blend, and our other blends. Stay tuned!

If our shop cannot calculate delivery for your address, please call Kane for a price on 0481146810.

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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