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Biodynamic Preperation Set 502-507

Biodynamic Preperation Set 502-507

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4g set
2g & 4g "Sets" now available for making Compost, CPP, liquid vats such as anerobic brews, or worm teas, and worm farm productions.

"set" refers to a total set of all compost preparations.

These are pure preparations, straight from our storage vessels, made right here in Mooloo, on the RSO farm following Dr Steiners original methods from 1924.

Each set contains,

Yarrow - 502
Chamomile 503
Stinging Nettle 504
Oak bark 505
Dandelion 506
Valerian 507

2g suitable for one CPP pit, or 25m3 of compost, mulch or liquid vat brews.

4g suitable for two CPP's, 50m3 of compost, mulch or liquid vat brews.

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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