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Biodynamic Seed Inoculant

Biodynamic Seed Inoculant

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Inoculating seed is one of the most important steps when it comes to any regenerative & biological methods. It's this point that the seeds encoded systems are woken up. The seed is united with lost bacteria and fungi, that are generally non-existent in our soils, or worked fields. By inoculating the seed with our inoculant that is physical matter, we are putting stabilized Humus loaded with the microbes and their networks right next to the seed. From this point, that first root that shoots, is fully inoculated with the right biology from the get-go. It doesn't have to waste time trying to compensate for the lack of microbes. Faster crops, better colored, more resilient and more biomass/mineral accumulation is what it's all about.

Suitable for all types of seed. Simply incorporate into your dry seed. 

1x 2L pack per 1-10kg of seed. Use the lower rate for harsh conditions, the latter for good active soils. 
Tripple screened & moisture balanced for easy flow
•Increases germination speed
•increases root depth
•increases weather resilience
•promotes disease suppression
•promotes non-legume nitrogen fixation
•full of beneficial fungi, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
•heavy load of bio stimulants & prebiotics for enhanced field establishment
•makes spreading more even & reduces dust

For an additional boost our FBE can be used in combination, to mist the seed on mixing, and coat all the micro pores across the seed shell @ 50ML per 500ml of water.
This mix has been designed in collaboration with Erik Houweling, multi-species cover crop specialist. And field tested with Gympie State High Ag Department, with incredible results. Backed by 7 years field research inoculating all sorts of grain & covercrop seeds in different soil types and microclimates.

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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