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Farmers Mix

Farmers Mix

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Farm/Farmers Mix is a re-fermentation(active compost management) of whatever leftovers we have from potting blend, fermented mulch, trifecta, and Morpheus, sometimes from our little yard in Mooloo, or compost pad in pie creek,with whatever is seasonally available. It's loaded with all our biodynamics and usual goodness, teaming with microbes and nutrition.

It's a non-replicatable compost that is slightly different each time. We use on our farm to fill raised gardens, use as a thick layer to plant veg into, or dump around tree rows and ornamental gardens to give them a boost. Most of the time its a hybrid between soil, mulch and compost. It could also be used as an additive into your home composts or mulch blends.

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sometimes It doesn't go through the compost turner, so there's lumps here and there, and the odd rock but that's what gives it the title.. "Farm mix" 🤣

$110 per m3 can take up to 5m3 at a time 

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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