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Fermented Biodynamic Extract + Adaptogenic Microbes

Fermented Biodynamic Extract + Adaptogenic Microbes

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FBE is an all-round fermented biological with a rich load of kelp, Aloe Extract and Amino’s , you can use for,


  • Seed inoculation
  • Pre-plant seedling dip
  • Soil drenching
  • Foliar spraying 
  • Odor reduction in animal yards & bedding
  • Adding to animal troughs 
  • Spraying poultry & livestock's coats for microbiome benefits & disease reduction
    . Compost inoculation 

shake before use

FBE is a pretty hardcore 5 stage process fermentation that can adapt to any part of the plant or soil, and depending on conditions present they will also adapt to oxygen levels, and stress levels.

Last picture is our test results, scoring a 25% higher result then the leading available liquid in the Australian market. (We have now bet this score, with higher Fungal levels)  

We have come up with this shippable powerhouse, so it doesn’t matter what state you are in, or if you're in an apartment, you have access to our specialized, unique microbes at the press of a button!

What are Adaptogenic Microbes?

With beneficial anaerobic, and beneficial aerobic Bacteria & Fungi, this liquid will completely hybridize itself to your specific plant and soil needs at that given time. Whether that’s the diverse range of anaerobic bacteria stabilizing situations where we have too much water in the soil, or whether it’s the aerobes doing their thing promoting surface ecology & organic matter breakdown, or the Fungi gluing together the whole system… know that you don’t need to know it all… these guys do! And they will do a better job then both of us, if we let them :)

This is an intensive fermented extract combining Korean Natural Farming with Biodynamics in a beautiful hybrid fusion blend.

FBE helps with odors in animal yards, and chook pens. It’s also highly beneficial for their digestive systems, and microbiome in general. Helping to keep good health, good coats and more utilization of forage. If you are an avid fermenter of animal feed, such as chook grain, then you can add a dash of FBE into your daily ferment routine, for an increased controlled fermentation result. 



STORAGE : store with the cap slightly cracked, or store in the fridge. After shipping and warmth in transportation the bottles can swell up so crack the lid before you store 🙂

400 micron screened ready to go.  

100ml-1L per watering can (or 10L)for veg bed soak, fruit tree soak or watering lawns. 

25-50ml per L for seed dressing(inoculating)

50ml-100ml per watering can for watering in seeds & seedlings  

25-250ml per 10L sprayer, for foliar spraying & indoor plant spraying / watering


50-100ml per L for poultry bedding (or use pure for tough odours)

1L per 10L for cattle Yard spraying

5ml per animal for livestock trough inoculation

Chooks - spray the water dish while spraying bedding

10-100ml per L for animal coat/fur/feathers spraying


Safe to water in seeds&seedlings


DIY extract tutorial -

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

What an amazing product & so beautifully made.
So sweet to smell & full of life.

Darren Adams
Fermented BEEM

What an amazing product.
I’m using this product on my cattle, my chicken & pen & just started on Veggie gardens.
I’m loving the smell. So sweet!!
Thank you

Bee’s Knees

We love all of RSO products and have added the FBE to our foliar feed schedule on our organic Market Garden . Great Stuff