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Biodynamic Fermented Potting Mix

Biodynamic Fermented Potting Mix

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Biodynamic Fermented Potting mix is delicately pungent, with a structure somewhere in the middle of sandy loam, compost and commercial potting mix. Its a very beautiful fine, fluffy blend, rich with organic matter and a diversity of quick and slow-release foods, fermented into one matrix. 

*Decreases quantity of water needed, and frequency
*Builds good root mass and increases plant balance, structure & formation
*In built biological defence system against pathogens
*Short and long term fertiliser, naturally through Humus
*Light, fluffy and free draining
*Increases strike rate, seed germination and transplant adjustment
*Completely fermented, weed seed & pathogen free
*Loaded with Biodynamics, Nitrogen fixers and vast range of beneficial microbes


This potting mix should be treated carefully as your getting use to the new water holding abilities. Use your hands to check the soil in the pots before you water it. It’s amazing how well it holds on to the water. Not like tthe commercial mixes that sometimes needs to be watered twice daily. 

start with a light watering once every couple of days after you initially transplant into it. Get a feel for it and work it out that way. Enjoy less maintenance! 

For delivery please call Kane on 0481 146 810 or visit our stockist page to find a pick up spot near you.

Shipping of bags not avail.

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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