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Fermented Raised Bed Mix

Fermented Raised Bed Mix

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By popular demand! 

fermented raised bed mix is a rich hybrid biodynamic compost. Somewhere in between a compost and a potting mix. It’s light and fluffy. But dense and full of fertility at the same time. Great for planting into, packing around trees, filling up garden beds or bringing a big boost to existing gardens. 

  • high microbe levels
  • Amazing water holding capacity
  • doesn't turn to rock like landscape stores!!!! 
  • Full of Morpheus as fertilizer
  • holds on to water, but let's go of excess
  • perfect for wicking beds
  • full of minerals and nutrition
  • prebiotics & pro biotics


can be used to,


  1. fill raised beds 
  2. put over grass @ 30cm thick, to kill grass and plant no-till or “lasagna” gardens
  3. use in grow pods & wicking beds
  4. fill up fruit tree holes in bad soil, to give them a big start 
  5. fill up volume in beds that have sunk, or use as a garden soil to fertilize gardens whilst building depth


Can be bagged if needed. But at this stage we are not bagging this blend just yet. 

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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