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Morphues Fermented BioChar

Morphues Fermented BioChar

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A new creation for all you Biochar lovers! we do not ship 25&50L bags, Pickup from Mooloo 4570 only. Or order via closest stockist, on the stockist page

A high powered Biochar that undergoes a fermentation process powered by Morpheus, biologically composting the biochar down, with the help of Fermented Biodynamic Extract for maximum microbial activity & fast restoration of soils  

Fruit & Veg . Pastures . Extracts and teas . Seed inoculation . Flowers & Herbs

Both nano-clay and biochar have great capabilities of housing microorganisms and helping them establish in tough situations. Nano clay has an incredible relationship with Fungi, they really dive into it and proliferate. There has also been some great research into desert reclamation through fungi-inoculated nano clay for converting desert sands into usable soil via plant roots.

But what makes our biochar different?

Rather than the typical inoculation that biochar is generally sold with, our biochar is clean source, made from very dense hardwoods & undergoes a thermophilic aerobic composting process with extremely biologically active A grade Morpheus. Temperatures reach 60 degrees through biological activity, and every particle is solidly permeated with biology. With fermentation, it's also balanced out with a nitrogen source, humic & fulvic compounds from the Morpheus for additional fertilizing & fast uptake.

Through the process we hydrate the fermentation with our Fermented Biodynamic Extract, so the full spectrum of RSO microbes have inoculated into the matrix!

If you're looking to establish RSO microbes into your space, then this is a great way to integrate.


GARDEN- Work 1 pack into 1-10m2 depending on how heavy you want to go. Incorporate immediately into soil, or top-dress and water in/cover with mulch.

PASTURE - apply 50L per hectare (can be spun)

COMPOST - Apply 25L per cubic meter for inoculation response, and odour reduction

EXTRACTS/TEAS - mix 1x 25L bag into 1000L IBC for boom spraying, or foliage spraying, in combination with other biologicals/compost/kelp/fish/FBE

SMALL SCALE EXTRACTS - Mix 1x 2L pack into 50L of water with a paint mixer, suitable for Goliath’s, and soil soaks. Scale up from there at 2L per 50L water

Use as you would ordinary biochar

shipping 2L packs only. 2L packs are screened - 25 & 50L are straight from the ferment pile


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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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