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TIDAL WAVE | Fermented Seaweed & Fish Solution

TIDAL WAVE | Fermented Seaweed & Fish Solution

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Harness the power of the oceans!! 

🌊Tidal Wave 🌊 

Testing this amongst the gardens has been incredible to watch the plant responses. And also lab testing biological responses, and broad acre trials. There are so many massive benefits to both Fish Hydrolysate and Kelp for root, shoot and general plant health & development. I’m sure most of you legendary organic gardeners are well informed about these on their own  

With our new fermentation, you get these incredible powerhouses, coupled with RSO FBE fermented biology grown out through the kelp&fish. In an Australian first, and maybe even world first fusion.

Not just the compounds, but the biology too, in a stable form! Typically seaweed liquids in the shop have potassium sorbate, or other chemicals with them to keep them shelf stable. But through our biological process, they are stable without chemicals.. like a good organic wine 💪


  • eliminate seedling shock
  • massively stimulate flowering
  • reduce drought and rain stress
  • better absorb nutrients
  • address trace element deficiency's
  • increase root development speed and health
  • decrease pest and disease attack
  • helps absorption of nutrients 
  • feeds bacteria and fungi 
  • Helps microbes colonize soil, and grow
  • Increases germination
  • natural growth hormones

  • Shipping on 20L varies from $55-$80 depending on location. Best to contact first if you wish to order.

STORAGE : store with the cap slightly cracked, or store in the fridge. After shipping and warmth in transportation the bottles can swell up so crack the lid before you store 🙂

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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