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Trifecta Compost

Trifecta Compost

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Trifecta is a high energy fermentation, actively processed through biodynamic management into good carbon rich pungent compost / humus. Its Similar to morpheus in its aroma and colour, but is not as sticky, or intense. So it can be used to build up organic matter or body in your ground.

It goes through anerobic, aerobic and post-fungal stages in the same way as Morpheus, to maximize biological diversity & quantity. While producing a bioavailable ready to go plant food, fertilizer and health tonic.


Agroforestry -You can use Farmers Compost as a mulching compost for no-till alley crop systems, and plant straight into it(after mulching and waiting a week), if you have good shade from alley cropped tree systems. Or work it into the ground(preferably) and mulch straight over. 

Tree planting - Either work 5cm into the row you are planting, and then top dress the trees with another 2cm before mulching. Or use 20-60 litres per fruit tree, deeply amended through the hole and around the surface of the soil. Mulch over if your soil is bad and wait 2 weeks for the soil to soften up. Can be planted the next day after a deep watering.

Vegetables existing or new gardens- Work up to 10cm deeply through your bed, rake over, mulch straight away and set it all in with a good water, plant next day. If running no-till, then lay 5cm on top, water in and cover with a thin layer of hay for protection.

Existing veg- Top dress 5cm at a time, water in and mulch straight over if possible, if not possible then keep moist for 7 days minimum for biological transfusion to occur.

All other usages / ornamental / native - Suitable for all gardens to use as you would any other compost. Just keep in mind 1. it needs to be watered in & the soil needs to stay moist for as long as possible (7 days minimum) and 2. it needs to be mulched straight away.

PASTURES - 3-6m3 per acre depending on budget and conditions. Ideally pre-grazed application for the cattle to gently disturb it into the tussocks, soil and litter. Or application, with irrigation straight afterwards.

Storage- Any left overs you have from a bulk load, or truck load, the best way to store it, is by making a hay bale house for it. Packing the inside with the compost and wetting down. If that's not an option, just give it a wet down and store it on a tarp in the shady corner of your yard, with a tarp over the top.


100% organic, Biodynamic.

Bags and Bulk deliveries from Hervey bay - Gold Coast.

Pick up always welcome from our farm in Mooloo 4570. Please contact us to arrange your pickup time

Thank you for supporting our family business, Kane, Petra, Willow and Hazel.

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Please note our blends and composts can vary with the seasons, as they are made on the farm, embraced by the elements.

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